Friday, February 04, 2005

the return of the flab

FATgirl is back!! And perhaps 5 kg lighter!! It is though, still not sufficient. The last time I weighed-in I am now probably 59kg but the scale was probably broken because it is impossible I am 59 kg. Maybe I'm still 63 kg. I should find a better weighing machine. Nonetheless, the good news is that I CAN finally fit into that capri cargo pants that I had spoken of before. It still digs in at the hips but I can now button it up now. Such achievement! Phew. Now all that is left is for me to START EXERCISING. Maybe then the weight will start plunging and inches will fall off my hips like ripe durians.

It's been the most horrible month. January sucks. I haven’t had a sound sleep this whole entire month. To sum up the misery, it's been week after week of constant turmoil. First it was the whole rodent episode when I first got back from hols. Ah TKL reported to me that he and the maid finally found the rat we've been hunting for (the one that's been zipping in and zapping out of my room) dead under my bed. They then later found another trapped in the rat glue-trap I pasang before I left. I only felt half-relieved because of something my coursemate Faidzeel once told me when he helped me fish out some anak tikus ALSO from my house - we're a bunch of rat-infesting students- "untuk setiap satu kau lihat, ada 3 lagi kat belakang" meaning for every mouse we see, there's like 3 more lurking around :P great. OK so I bought a fan and tried to air out my room ‘cos it really stank of rat corpse but the smell just got WORSE and WORSE and then it occured to me that maybe the RAT isn't really gone and there might be more. So heaving the deepest sigh, I emptied out every furniture from my room and hired Miss MasMas' maid to help me search for the whatever it is that is killing my nostril receptors. Turns out, there were 2 more dead ones hiding within my bed. I’ve been sleeping underneath dead rats all these while!! That makes a total of 4 dead rodents from my room. Crap. I can't be that filthy a kid. Anyway, I rearranged my furniture so that it would be rat-unfriendly and I haven't slept a wink for a month every night trying to discern noises and making sure that the rustling wasn't rat-rustling or whatever. It’s tiring. I don't even know what is it about my room they fancied. There isn't any space for it to nest and... oh whatever.

Then there's the whole plagiarism issue. Big P-word. This girl from my course decides to copy and paste our group's report making our hand-ins approximately 85% identical. Both our groups got into big trouble because of this and it becomes even more chronic ‘cos the perpetrator refuses to own up and it was just getting messier and messier involving the dean and all that. Argh. After that it's the our class ganging up on each other over some not-so-trivial issues and emotions started running in the heat of the discussion. Quite ugly. Sometimes I feel I owe my weight-loss to sleepless night and constant scheming in my brain. I still need to get down to Miss KosKos' size of 45 kg and a waist length of miniscularity (if that’s even a word). Hah. That's the supposed appropriate BMI for my height. Goodness help me.

OK progress to HIM ;) small electrifying good news!! Mr Semangka wore my T-shirt while playing with his band in a competition on TV!! How cool is that? But then again, nothing really much to get excited about. It's not as if we're gonna go out on a date. It's a great tshirt anyway: I HAVE brilliant taste so it's no wonder HE'd wear it. Everyone around me is trying to help me hatch but a plan for pdkt ("pendekatan") purposes but they don't realize that I'm really quite a jackass when it comes to boys and most of all RUBBISH in conversations with them. I was watching this reality movie: Drunken Jackass: the movie. And I realize that I really do share a trait with that loser virgin boy. We make crap tête-à-tête with the opposite sex and end up looking / feeling like le idiot the rest of the day. No wonder we're undesirable. Something is seriously wrong with me.

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