Sunday, January 16, 2005

saturday night fever

So much has happened since. It’s 8.10 pm on a perfect Saturday night which explains the blackout. My Saturday nights can’t even be left alone. All I needed was to watch a pirated DVD while munching on a heavily calorie-d snack just in time to catch the water coming in for my bath at 5pm but no, it’s 3 hours later, I’m still in my morning clothes, smelling like filth and around me, pitch black darkness. The work piles on for every minute it ticks without electricity… how do I know this? The answer lies in the twitch on my face which matches the minute hand on that idiot clock of mine. It’s a week to the Endocrinology exam and I know nothing. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself: allowing myself to NOT know ANYTHING till the last minute. I hate myself so much sometimes.

Still no progress with Mr Semangka *sigh* I'm really not good at this. In face I'm useless. Miss PetchiPetchi and Miss RenjitRenjit are very disappointed that I haven't even made an effort to be in contact. But how can I KEEP in contact if the person doesn't seem to want to be in contact. I know I cannot blame HIM because, well, HE doesn't know me, now does HE? So fine I blame myself. This chasing thing is superiorly arduous.

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