Saturday, January 01, 2005


So Miss PalnaPalna asks me to be her plus-1 to this spanking outta-this-world new year bash. It was supposed to be this giganto P A R T Y that the whole world is invited to. Wah. So I agreed-lah. Mana tau can find someone decent enough to snog on countdown. Aiii. Nothing like that. Just afew close friends of the host and lotsa relatives in saris. I wish I followed Ah Choy to Cameron Highlands instead.

L-R: Miss PalnaPalna, moi (I just got my braces that week and I didn't know how to smile in them), friend, friend's chick, friend's chick's friend

We quickly made a dash. Didn't know where to go since we're hopelesss social retards. Decided to go to S*bucks, Bangsar instead. Lots of family and teenagers spraying foam at each other. I felt so old and overdressed.
Since we didn't know what to do so in the end we got ourselves seated at S*bucks verandah and watched youngsters getting hyped bout the new year. My moonboots were getting slippery from all the foam.

L-R: moi, Miss PalnaPalna

Got bored so went to have a couple of scoops at Baskin Robbins. Boredom is.

Traffic jam gila. Made Miss PalnaPalna pose with souvenirs I got her from Tokyo... Sanrio Puroland Hello Kitty mobile phone accessory and geisha fan.

Kill time by trying to get a good picture of both of us in it. Damn wu liao.

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