Tuesday, November 09, 2004

the terminal

Damn tired. My head could literally fall flat on the focaccia.

At this present moment I am seated in a pseudo french cafe (Delifrance-lah) looking out at terminal crowds. It will be ages till my flight. As usual, Dddy always drops me off early. Literally. He kinda hates having to park his car so it's really basically like how a parent would drop his/her child off at school, mine happens to be where aeroplanes arrive & depart. I think some people would feel lonely should that happen but I never have such thoughts. Besides I'm too tired to think of anything and the whole morning came off with a bad start. 2 months ago, my sister managed to find my Barclays cheque book which contained the Boots & WHSmith cards (for collecting points) to bring with her to Liverpool which to my prior knowledge had been misplaced. The thing is, 2 months later, the house got renovated without my knowing (my dad's idea of a good surprise) and all my things got shuffled around. Now here I am due to leave for Manchester in 4 hours without my UK ATM card and bank details. Crap. I had been searching for it the whole entire night.. that and packing sheer crap for my sister and it's not as if she could be a little more understanding by trying to figure out the exact geographic location where she last left the bloody cheque book!! No, instead I get her accented "I dunno" response. Very very lame. I did not sleep a wink the whole damn night. Now my parents are involved in the search and they're getting real frustrated bout the whole missing cheque book cum ATM card cum bank details. A petty family squable in the making so I kept my mouth damn shut as preventive measures. And I'm SO TIRED. SO DAMN BLOODY TIRED. I'm not fasting today. Have my period. Feel like having a Tiramisu cake. It's one of my evil vices. I already had a smoked salmon sandwich. It was rather tiny though. Oh but I shouldn't have a cake TOO. I should have had the cake INSTEAD of the sandwich not WITH. I shall refrain. I almost thought I had to lug come crap out from the luggage given the extra weight I keep shoving in. But it went a-OK in the end. No overweight charges and they didn't even requested to weight my REALLY heavy hand luggage. I pray it all goes well. Oh and I even got the aisle seat without first requesting for it as my mind was so preoccupied.
I love aisle seats, you don't have to bug anyone or obligingly wait for the fella to be awake just to get out. If legs get cramped up, you can just stick it out the sides. Sometimes if it's not a full flight, the middle seat could be empty and you could hog it off the other side and have 2 seats to your own. Aaaah bliss!! Let's just pray the in-flight entertainment is in fact entertaining. And working. I have really horrid luck when it comes to in-flight's electronic devices. I know this for sure because in EVERY flight something'll go wrong... be it the remote or screen or volume lever or games button or whatever. I usually pray it's just the headphones cos THAT you can exchange. I should control myself to not overeat in the flight as well. I've already lost 5 kg prior before coming home. I MUST not put on that weight. Maintaining OK. Decreasing tres bien.

Went out with Ah Yeoh and Ah Choy the other day. Ah Yeoh brought us to this place in Chow Kit Road to makan siew yoke meen. Ultimate YUM! Even thinking of it sends my gastric juices pumping. Meeting up with them makes me realize how much I miss their company. It's been a year since. Ah Yeoh will graduate in summer this year. Ah Choy is an engineer working in a sewerage company. Much has progressed since. Last time I saw them, Ah Choy was still bumming around and Ah Yeoh was not yet at the verge of graduating. I seem to be the least affected by the evolution phase. My eyelids are shutting down on me. Maybe I should go sleep on the couch. The only thing that worries me is that I don't wake up in time for my flight. And I think at this state of mind, I am capable to do so. Better just hold on. 50 mins left only mah. Maybe that Tiramisu might be the cure to this suffering. Or maybe not.

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