Sunday, November 07, 2004

"sometimes you're crazy, then you wonder why i'm such a baby 'cos the dolphins made me cry"

It’s 1 in the morning. I should go sleep soon. It’s a big day with much to do. Going home.
  • Get my eyebrows plucked
  • Check up on textbooks availability (for the new Endocrinology block)
  • Refer to SIRIM bout this lab assay technique I need for my minor thesis, which is unavailable in Bandung
  • Shop for Sophiekins’ supplies
  • Shop for my own supplies
  • Pack up for Manchester
  • Buy another laptop and transfer all my data into the new one
  • Find out what’s wrong with this RM600 worth of Sony memory stick that seems to say ‘error’ everytime I pop it into my digital cam
  • Get all 4 of my spectacles straightened (yes, I need that many!!)
  • Buy that MNG cardigan I’ve been waiting a whole while to get
  • Check out what’s on Topshop sales rack (as informed by Miss KosKos)
  • Scan some old pictures
  • Buy Lonely Planet Berlin condensed
  • Go have a quick drink with old mates.
I’m feeling perturbed. The exams are over, I’m going home, I know… just an uneasy pang that doesn’t seem to want to rest. I don’t have anything in particular that might draw attention to the etiology of this perception. Must be some somatoform explanation to this. Or maybe I worry too much about trivial matters that make me not able to pin-point an exact basis of this mini-anxiety. Maybe I might live into the answers one day.

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