Sunday, November 14, 2004

"i'll be cool, i'll be useful, i'll be cavalier, i'll be yours my dear and i'll belong to you if you would help me through"

Happy Birthday Ah Choy.

Welcome to Club 23. Next year we’d be a step close to being a quarter of a century years old… the dreaded mid-twenties. Ah Choy was one of my first friends back in high school. I remember when I first met him I thought he was just the most adorable thing and I still do most of the times (his strong contenders are Rivers Cuomo, River Phoenix, Joseph Hahn, Jason Lo, Aragorn, Nicolas Saputra, Takuya Kimura). A decade has passed and he has blossomed from a puny cheeky boy to a charming, sheepish lad. We used to “gayut” on the telephone for centuries non-stop every day!! Now when I think of it, I don’t really know how we manage to keep talking so much and what is it that we talked about anyway. Thing is, we never really talked while in school, just on the phone. Maybe because of me being FAT and all that. I don’t blame him, teenage boys would never be caught having a good time with a FAT girl. They would be teased relentlessly. Don’t worry Ah Choy, I don’t hold it against you. Sometimes fleeting memories of the past flickers in my brain: World Cup football bets, you, your Tamiya toolbox and white Tshirt, Miss SwenSwen, your silver racer bike, the day you busted your balls while eating KFC at Miss ChongChong’s place with Ah Ng, when you shaved your head bald and was forced to stand on the table by our class teacher, tuition classes at Miss RuiRui’s, PMR, PMR results, moving to streams, Miss KowKow, SPM, crying at Titanic, prom, you giving me the giant Elmo that was meant for Miss KowKow to save yourselves buying a gift, sending me off to UK, SPM results, me getting sloshed and falling off my seat at William’s mamak, you going to engineering school, then me go to Indon, ice-cream binges in Swensens, KL tower escapade… basically 10 years of activities-lah. Ah Choy probably don’t know it but he has been around for much of the hallmarks of my FAT life. He doesn’t usually say much (though when he does open his mouth once in awhile.. it’s usually jaw-droppingly WISE that I’d swear there’s literally gold in his mouth) but he’s just there.

For that I love you.

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