Sunday, October 31, 2004


Yikes!! Tomorrow’s SOCA (Student Oral Case Analysis) :P Oh man. There’s just SO much to memorize even for a single disease: definition, epidemiology, classification, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation and its connection to the physiology of things, basic science like anatomy, histology, pathology etc, management and complication. And the worse thing is, we won’t even know what’s going to be asked of us!! It can be the most scary thought. All I hope is that I don’t clam up and shut down. It wouldn’t be the first time. It happened once for Biochemistry oral exam. Invisibility powers would have been very helpful then. I don’t even know what really happened back then… it was such a hazy memory. All I knew is that I was scared sh*t, walked into the examination space, picked up my chosen envelope, revealed the discussion topic, went blank, stuttered, yapped about sheer crap, scribbled more sheer crap onto the whiteboard, thanked the examiner and left. I barely passed but I was lucky, at least I passed. Anyway its highly urgent I score well cos now they’re going to use the marks here to represent almost half of the mid-term results. And I need this to back-up my other papers. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the SOCA anxiety. Barely breathing.

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