Friday, October 29, 2004

food glorious food

I’m so hungry!! It’s 3 pm and I know it’s just a miniscule 3 hrs more to “azan” but I’m just SO HUNGRY!! I really don’t know how models and celebrities do it but starving is such hard work. I can’t really study much with the word FOOD FOOD FOOD just chiming in my brain. Miss KosKos is most concern about me going home and binging on all the good Malaysian food. It would forfeit all my efforts till now. And I’m really afraid of myself too because I cannot control myself most of the time. I wish I had a “pendirian yang teguh” when it comes to eating. I tend to just throw food into my mouth like nobody’s business. Now it’s goodbye “ayam percik”, goodbye Secret Recipe cakes, goodbye McDonald's Filet-O-Fish + vanilla milkshake, goodbye “roti telur + kari ayam”, goodbye Breadtalk floss buns, goodbye “nasi lemak”, goodbye A&W chilli-dog + Root beer FLOAT, goodbye Auntie Anne’s pretzels + large lemonade, goodbye blueberry + apple Cinnabon, goodbye KFC Zinger burger, goodbye “char kuey teow” oh “char kuey teoww”… I forgot how much I miss “char kuey teow” and “bak kut teh” and COLISEUM SIZZLING STEAK. Man, this renouncing of food is torturous, kinda brings a tear to my eye.

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