Sunday, October 31, 2004

flop poppy

2 papers down and 1 practical + 1 oral + 1 paper to go. I kind of confused myself with all the rate and ratio calculations. I just hope that I matched the correct statistical formula to which ever they require or the whole paper is going to be a blunder. I forgot the difference between Total Fertility Rate and General Fertility Rate (or is there even such a thing as GFR?). Crap. Anyway the light papers are out of the way, now it comes to the CRUNCH and they’ve put Student Oral Case Analysis up first between the trio. I dread that the most cos I’m just not good at it… it’s going to be my 7th time but I still can’t seem to master the skill of presenting a case. If only there’s tuition for this. I miss tuition!! I hated it back then when there was abundant of it but now that there’s no such thing as tuition for the Gastrointestinal Tract system, I really wish there was. I just want to sit on a plastic chair under the fan in front of a white board and have someone teach me everything I should know. I won’t even mind the homework and mosquito bites.

It’s different being in the tutorial-based process. We students basically lecture ourselves. That is, every other day we attend a mini seminar where we will discuss the problems of a case and list out learning issues. We go home, refer to a million books on our particular assigned topic, make notes for each other and pass it out during the next tutorial session after giving a mini-presentation. We are required to thoroughly know our nonsense so that we can answer questions proposed by other group members. It takes a toll on social life since it’s almost a daily obligation. Plus we have a 100% attendance requirement so you can’t just turn up without doing your work or you’ll earn snide remarks from your “colleagues”. Yes, I give out snide remarks too. Besides, like I’ve mentioned, we have to teach each other so if we don’t teach then there will be a lesson left untaught and will pose to be highly detrimental come exams *sigh* I had to give up my only favourite weekly activity in order to concentrate on my academics this year. It’s the last year before we step into the clinical years and I just want to make sure that I get there… therefore, French classes must go. Especially since it’s in Bandung town which is 2 hours away!! Je manques beaucoup la francais. And I feel the basics I’ve learnt so far are slipping away and come next year, I would probably be in a position where I first began learning French given the lack of practice. Giving up French was hard, now I have nothing to look forward to in the week… I used to be so knackered having to travel so much for classes but I loved it anyway and it always leaves me with such a buzz and this smile. I miss trying to memorize nouns and daily greetings in car rides with Ah Virdio or Miss GradiGradi’s. Miss KosKos is trying to get us a private tutor. That might help rejuvenate things. Currently the one she found is rather pricey so we’re still taking it into consideration.

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